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Cairns Finance, your choice for business finance

Cairns Finance specialises in developing finance for business growth. As business finance specialists, Cairns Finance has the knowledge and experience to ensure you are able to access the right, industry specific finance to start or expand your business. And keep your personal finances in line at the same time.

Our services include:

Business Loans
Cairns Finance - Strategic AdviceAll businesses are different and Cairns Finance have the knowledge, skills and contacts required to build, negotiate and secure a financial package tailored to your specific circumstances; with the lender most interested in your industry and growth plan.

Services include:

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Home & Personal Lending
Cairns Finance - Home & Personal LendingWith so many lenders offering many different home loan products, deciding on which loan is right for you is a complex, time consuming exercise. Cairns Finance provides a complete service to their clients. They know if your finances are sorted you can concentrate on building  your personal wealth.

Services include:

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Equipment Finance
Cairns Finance - Equipment FinanceFinancing business equipment from heavy industrial machinery to the sales reps car and the new office photocopy centre is all handled with Cairns Finance. They will help you find the right finance package for your business structure and operating needs.

Services include:

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Strategic Advice
Cairns Finance - Home & Personal LendingBusiness finance is a highly complex, specialist field. Cairns Finance have years of experience working with businesses Australia wide to find financial solutions that cater to the specific needs of individual businesses with attention to their sector, goals and growth capabilities.

Services include:

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