Business Loans

Cairns Finance - Business LoansAll businesses and business ventures are different and the specialist team of finance brokers at Cairns Finance have the knowledge, skills and contacts required to build, negotiate and secure a financial package tailored to your specific circumstances and business needs; with the lender most interested in your industry and your particular growth plan.

Business Loan services:

Debtor Finance
Cairns Finance - Business LoansBorrow against your trade debtors to maximise your cash flow.

Cash flow is integral to the success of any business. Without it, business opportunities are restricted.

Debtor finance, or cash flow funding, is an ideal solution that allows you to maximise your cash flow by borrowing against the outstanding value of your trade debtors. Security is against your debtors not your home or other business assets.

Debtor finance frees up cash flow for greater control and flexibility in your business decisions. Make spending decisions without worrying about whether the cheques will arrive; let your business grow without cash flow restrictions – no more surviving week to week; pay the tax bill and your suppliers on time. Debtor finance helps maximise profits for your growing business.

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Construction Finance
Cairns Finance - Construction FinanceSpecifically tailored lending for complex commercial and residential property development projects. Finance that does not demand pre-sales.

The team at Cairns Finance are dedicated to ensuring that you, as the developer, have access to tailored, flexible construction finance solutions that reflect the requirements of both yourself and the project at hand.

By recognising the true value of construction and development projects, Cairns Finance is able to work towards the negotiation of construction finance packages that do not always demand pre-sales. No presales means reduced land holding costs and simplified construction finance approvals and conditions.

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Franchise Funding
Cairns Finance - Franchise FundingLoans that meet the requirements of the franchise group you are entering and your personal objectives.

No two franchise systems are exactly alike. This means that every franchise funding plan needs to reflect the specific requirements of your franchise and personal circumstances. With products from over 30 lenders to choose from, the team at Cairns Finance are able to structure a franchise funding plan that is the most suitable for your franchise requirements as well as being the most cost effective.

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Management Rights Finance
Cairns Finance - Management Rights FinanceStructure your finance to meet legal, tax, operational and your personal lifestyle requirements

Management and Letting Rights opportunities are plentiful in Tropical North Queensland due to the long and successful history of the Management Rights industry. Cairns Finance has identified the financial institutions motivated to provide management rights purchase finance.

To smooth your entry or growth in the Management and Letting Rights industries, Cairns Finance offer:

  • Strong relationships with all local financiers to the industry
  • Thorough knowledge of the array of bank products applicable to the management and letting rights industries
  • Extensive knowledge of local accounting and legal advisors who are leaders in these industries
  • Current and detailed understanding of tax effective structures
  • Personalised service to ensure that the Management Rights purchase you make is right for you, your lifestyle goals and financial wellbeing
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Rural Lending
Cairns Finance - Rural LendingOvercome uncertainty with finance sourced to support the agricultural industry

Operation within the agricultural sector is continually connected with uncertainty – eg. weather, pestilence and fluctuation in domestic and international market prices. It is vital that your financial service provider is one that understands the complex nature of the rural sector.

The team at Cairns Finance have an in-depth knowledge of local rural industries including beef, dairy, fishing, sugar, coffee, chicken broiler , fruit and vegetables. Through the provision of individualised client service Cairns Finance are dedicated to guiding you through your financial choices and obtaining a package tailored to your financial needs as an agricultural producer.

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Professionals Lending
Cairns Finance - Professionals LendingDifferent lenders offer attractive finance arrangements to individual industries. Check if your business is a preferred one.

Cairns Finance can be of assistance to business in many different industries such as:

  • Solicitors
  • Accountants
  • Insurance agents/brokers
  • Retirement & aged care providers
  • Pharmacies
  • Medical GPs and specialists
  • Allied health professionals
  • Dentists and oral health specialists
  • Management & letting rights
  • Franchises
  • Property development
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