Home Loans

Confidential assessment of your needs and discreet presentation to the identified preferred lender.

With so many lenders offering many different home loan products, deciding on which loan is right for you is a complex, time consuming exercise. Additionally, knowing what information different lenders require is confusing and having to explain every facet of your life over and over again, feels intrusive and uncomfortable.

The specialist team at Cairns Finance works with home loan lenders extensively and has a well rounded knowledge and understanding of the products they offer. For you, this means that the one time you need to explain your finances, goals, history and dreams is to your client manager at Cairns Finance.

Through their well established relationships with financiers and knowledge of each product offering, the team at Cairns Finance are able to tailor your application to suit the expectations of the lender with the best options for your needs.

Investment Property Loans

Forthright advice and a tailored loan solution to support your investment property goals.

Property investment is a traditionally favoured way Australians seek to accumulate wealth. Investors are drawn to the long term stability of property which is coupled with steady capital growth, tax benefits and the added benefit of rental returns.

Whilst venturing into the investment property market need not involve significant capital outlay, ensuring you obtain the right advice and the right loan from the outset is vital. The team at Cairns Finance maintain detailed knowledge of investment lending products and financiers so that they are able to advise you on the best options for you and your future.

Land Loans

Take advantage of a dream location now and defer building your dream home until you are ready, with finance to secure your ‘location, location, location’.

Occasionally, a real steal comes along – a once in a life time chance to buy in your dream location. A piece of land which offers all of the benefits you expect from your investments. Trouble is, the time, effort and money to build a residence on it are momentarily too difficult to consider. Secure the land with a well-structured and financed land loan now with the help of Cairns Finance.

With established relationships with local lenders and knowledge of the expansive financial products on the market, the team at Cairns Finance will be able to advise you on the land loan products and financiers most suited to your needs.

Construction Loans

Interest only loans to facilitate the building of your home. Flexible draws, repayments, redraws and staged progress payments.

Construction loans are different to traditional residential home loans as they generally operate on an interest-only facility. This provides the cost saving benefit of only paying interest on the drawn down amount. Additionally, construction loans give you the flexibility to make progressive draws, repayments and redraws as the construction of your new home or investment property proceeds.

To ensure the construction of your property is as easy and complication-free as possible, Cairns Finance are able to establish a schedule of progress payments for paying builders throughout the construction phase. Cairns Finance will also ensure payments are made only at the completion of each stage, subject to verification.

Debt Consolidation

Get your debts under control with payment timelines, reduced interest and improved cash flow. A home mortgage is not required to access a debt consolidation loan.

Debt Consolidation involves taking two or more loans and combining them into one. Debt consolidation:

  • Replaces multiple loans (credit cards, personal loans, store cards and other unsecured debt)
  • Reduces interest repayments through consolidation into one reduced rate loan (often a home loan)
  • One repayment per month makes budgeting easier
  • Improves personal cash flow

You do not necessarily need to have a mortgage to obtain a debt consolidation loan.


Business Loans

All businesses are different and Cairns Finance have the knowledge, skills and contacts required to build, negotiate and secure a financial package tailored to your specific circumstances; with the lender most interested in your industry and growth plan.

Home & Personal Lending

With so many lenders offering many different home loan products, deciding on which loan is right for you is a complex, time consuming exercise. Cairns Finance provides a complete service to their clients. They know if your finances are sorted you can concentrate on building your personal wealth.

Equipment Finance

Financing business equipment from heavy industrial machinery to the sales reps car and the new office photocopy centre is all handled with Cairns Finance. They will help you find the right finance package for your business structure and operating needs.

Debtor Finance

Cash flow is integral to the success of any business. Without it, business opportunities are restricted. Debtor finance is a solution that allows you to maximise your cash flow by borrowing against the outstanding value of your debtors. Security is against your debtors not your home or other business assets.

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